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Pirate announced the signing of denim angleLast season, Tampa Bay pirate anti-transmission row in the League 28th, local time on Thursday, the team finally made appropriate reins of the second line. According to Nfl Jerseys official website reporters, the String Moore has been in a period of 1 year, the maximum value of 15.25 million US dollars, is a contract with the pirate.

The next season will be the second season after the coach, Lovie Smith, add to the pirate. Relevant persons revealed that this defensive master does not plan to use high-time level to pick off defense second-line players, nor will they pursue a star in the free market. Smith believes that he has the ability to find the most cost-effective practical player.

But after Garobobo came to 49 people, all this changed. The two quickly established a tacit understanding, and Gude Temperature made a breakthrough, and the ball was 962 yards. He is particularly good in the long-pass attack, and the average number of days in the second half of the season has completed nearly 5 times to get 80 yards.

The 25-year-old Moore joined the league with a new show, last season Moles replaces Morrs Blaiborne, who has played the highest level of career. According to the scoring system of PFF (Profootballfocus), the total score of Moore is in front of the alliance all corner guards. In the 713-slave defense participated in, Moore 8 times shot the opponent’s pass, only allowed to complete 61% of the relevant pass.

It is not easy to predict that this quarter-saving is a rare. It can be kept in the top level for 20 years, and Braddy is the team & mdash; & mdash; or the entire league & mdash; & mdash; the most significant player. He will be 42 years old in August this year, no one knows how long he can keep such a ruling force.

When Whitker has a lot of adjustment in the offensive group in this year, their second-line has excellent configuration. In addition to the guards of Davis-White combination, they also have Mika-Hide (MICAH). HYDE) and the combination of Jordan Poyer.

Maybe the most showed that he is no longer just playing in the long attack. When Garobo was sitting in Town, Guden began to undertake a short-distance ball mission. He began to show its strength that he was able to ensure the team’s continued attack.

1 hour agoAlthough Davis is a veritable closing corner guard & mdash; & mdash; in the past two seasons in the past two seasons, he did not make the opponent’s influence due to injury in the past two seasons. . Bill is expected to return to the state before the injury, but it is not easy for a player who is approaching 30 years old.

During the University of Witt, I was in the Louisiana State University for three years. Two in the Southeast Union (SEC) twice in 2017, I was selected for two years in the United States. During the third period, White is selected in the world, I’ve been selected in the United States and won the Bat. Cus Award (Badus is a wednkoudom of the bear.

“You see our lineup, compare the offensive group of any team and alliances, we are in the best line,” Howard said. “There is only time to determine how excellent we are. But I think it is from the paper, we are one of the best offensive groups in the alliance, even the best.”

San Francisco 49 people have agreed to work with external handworship to replacement for 3 years, the contract is $ 20.3 million, including 10 million US guarantee income. Goodwen signed a contract with 49 people last year in March last year, the contract is 8 million US dollars, and now his performance has exceeded the value of the old contract.

The performance of the pirate offensive team has been very explosive last season, but it is often dragged down from the Jameis Winston. In the 9th game of the pirate last season, there were 6 fields that were defeat with a gap in a Dao. After Braddy joins, Howard thinks that such a thing will not happen again.

Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, Oj Howard, Ronald Jones, a stable offensive front line. All of these players indicate that the pirate offensive group will perform well in the new season.

“There is a little for Tom, I have seen him in New England, he has always ensured that there is hope to win the game,” Howard said. “I think this is something he can bring to our team. No matter how the score is or in the first half of the situation, I think you always have the opportunity to win in the last moment. He will ensure that the game is very glued.”

With the signing of White, the first round show that has not been signed with the team: 49 people defensive Did Edge Nick – Nick Bosa, Jet Defensive Director Kprin – Willian Williams , Giants quartz satelli Daniel Jones and the Black Panther Burns.

Pirates and No.5 Xiu Den – White SignBeijing July 21, the negotiation of several months, pirates announced on the US local time Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Satisfaction, DEVIN WHITE, DEVIN WHITE. As a first round show, White’s rookie contract is four years, an additional one year team option. After White signed, five new rookies in pirates have completed the contract, and White also gave the last bus of the 90th National Congress.

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