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“We started training during Monday,” Patriot coach Bill Bill Belichicks last week. “Most people will participate, but I know that there are two players who have contacted the players, but the rest period training has consistently. So there is nothing new.”

Breddy also does not participate in the training stage training, and he is currently going to Qatar to participate in business activities. Prior to Braddy has been in the rest of the break, but at least he will absent this year.

Carterler currently signed a contract for a period of 26.7 million with the team. Incidents revealed that the team expressed dissatisfaction with his tactical choice capacity. In the case of all the power that has been unable to play, Katler is still unable to use the effective running tactics. For the bear team, if you want to regain the competitiveness, they don’t just need to work in the game, but also have changed in the locker room.

This week, the red rickets 14-26 were lost in the emirate competition, and the red scitch came out and took the Larry Fitzgerald. In the fourth quarter, I used a 15-yard ball to surpass Treier Owens ( Terrell Owens rises to the second number of ball code history second. This game Fitzgerald 6 buses pushed 50 yards, the total number of ball codes reached 15952 yards, and the 22,895 yards of the history first Jerry Rice (Jerry Rice) have six thousand quartes. Fitzgerald career has a 9-season ticket number, although it is difficult to catch up with the first outer hand of the history, but the second position of history is very good for this 11 professional bowl players.

Inventory season’s first week’s first week’s best three rookiesThe preseason is the closest channel of inspection of new people. Although the sample is too low enough to reflect the true level of these rookies, it is still reflected some advantages and needs to be solved urgently. Let’s take a look at the first round of the first round of the first round of the season?

Cook is currently on the ground, advanced 489 yards, and the League is the first. He completes 7 times in five games, and this data is also the first place. After Stefon Diggs, Kevin Stefanski, Kevin Stefanski, is still running in the team, Cook is a small number of highlights. one.

Local time Monday, Wholesale Jerseys Crom Mer said in an interview that Carter’s performance made himself disappointment and expressed as four-point guard, Katler needs to be responsible for the bad record. On Thursday, Kro told the players, he should not discuss the issue of the team and apologize to his own behavior.

The stagnation of the renewal negotiations of the two parties means that Prescott in next year will be designated by the team as a privileged label player. At this time, it is difficult to imagine whether the two sides can complete the renewal. However, even so, the two sides did not set the deadline for the negotiation setting, so the negotiation can accelerate at any time.

Cowboys and Quadruptions of Dak-Prescott Continued negotiations still have no progressThere are very few players who have done during the season. But in fact, the trim length is generally a good time to complete the renewal.

If the denim gives the privilege label to Prescott, the contract value will exceed $ 33 million. If Dethie, 2021, Jean continues to make Prescot a privileged label player, the contract value will exceed $ 40 million. If it is no longer reached, he will become a free player in 2022.

The proximal front of Gulong Koski will absent the training stage trainingAccording to informed people, like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski will not participate in the New England Patriot Opening Phase Repends Duration Training during Monday. .

Viking Run Kuke will absent this week because of inguinal injury Viking Runs Dalvin Cook will abduct the hound of the fight against the fighting of the fight this week due to the injury of the groin.

I don’t talk about Clark’s field problems. At least he presents a good competitive state on the court. He is very good in all aspects of the game of Dain Buddha Wild Horse. The total score is as high as +6.9. Especially in the anti-run, he can quickly get rid of a variety of ground covers and complete defense, and the anti-run evaluation is +5.6. In terms of rushing, he has an impact four-point guard and twice to cause quartz guards. He is active in the field, and even once in depth to the backfield to pursue the screen attack.

The first show of Collin’s preseason is very good. He has completed his mission in the court. Although he still improved on the shirt cover (two times to force the other party forced the four-point guard to promote the hand), but overall, he still gave himself a good head, let himself It has a place in this alliance’s best offensive front line.

Rofling is as high as 10 times in the first game, and the first week of the league is first. In the face of these 10 times, Rofling is quite clean every time. His coverage of this game reached +3.0, although letting the other party completed 5 battles, but only 26 yards, and there were two times to destroy the ball, and most of the cases did not have no loss.

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