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When the Falcon manager was interviewed by the radio, the team will run to the 2nd professional bowl, “as I said before, we hope that he is here, he is an important member of the team, Don’t care about the super bowl, people will prepare for some discussion and some decisions. He is a good person, especially his character, he is a very competitive player, he is It is very fighting on the court. This is for our most important things. We hope that he will continue to stay here, we have confidence that we can complete the negotiation. “

Murphy himself said: “This is really unfortunate, no one is by my side, my only choice is to break the glass window to help save, now I am working for the museum, make sure that everything is not broken.” The news is that Murphy is not prosecuted, and there is no crime.

The 25-year-old Fremman completed the 1078 yards and 11 reachables in the last season, and helped the team to advance to the super bowl, and will usher in the last year of our own rookie contract, next season You can get 1.8 million US dollars.

Harrison now entered the discarding bidding process, he can join the play game team in the passball shock. However, NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort said Harrison may return to the steel people next Monday.

It is reported that Murphy has taken a lot of wine before the university teammates, and then woke up in the local museum courtyard, in order to come out cheap Jerseys from china the locked museum, he had to fight the glazing to attract the police.

Recently, Rogers visited some civilian middle schools, hoping to encourage these poverty children through their own visit to help them complete the university’s dream. In fact, these visit behaviors were just the idea of the principals of these schools, and they didn’t expect Rogers that Rogers came.

Cowbi This year, the record is 8-8, and the fourth time in the past nine years of joining the season. Galert leads 85-67, the number of winners is second only in Tom Landry in the history of Deni, and is also the second long coach of the team history. But this time he only won the two playoffs, each time you will definitely fall down.

According to Multi-Party Report, Jones father and Galt did not meet on Thursday in accordance with the plan. They have been talked over Monday and Tuesday, but they did not have any conclusions. Galert’s contract will expire 1.14. In February in February last year, the cowboy did not give him an invitation. His destiny has also begun to be confusing.

Falcon Manager confident can complete the renewal of Dravant FremomanDevonta Freeman frankly was the top running guards of the league, and it seems that Atlantian Fematch is also thinking, and ready to continue to pay him.

Harrison rarely gains a place time this season. He only came to 40 files in 5 games, his starting opportunity and play time were occupied by a young player such as T.J.j.watt. Harrison has recently been played in the 14th week, and he appeared 11 files in the competition of the Baltimo Crow. Before that, he did not play since the seventh week.

“I think there is only time to prove that” the steel man runs James Conner “Monday. “I think maybe we have become more tight because you have experienced everything. In the course period, it is very interesting. It’s very exciting, and the teammate is very excited. Interactive and relationship. It is great to be great. Our team is very excited. “We are very excited for the future.”

The role of Harrison this season has always been a mystery. Joey PORTER, in the offset period, said that Harrison will become insurance in this position. The team coach Mike Tomlin said in October, when the team would make Harrison to make confusion when the game was placed. But with the season, Harrison’s appearance time is less.

In the future, it will include the outside world that is constantly compared to Brown and Bell’s steel people will express how and not in Brown and Bell in the steel man. Steelman players don’t care now.

Cowboy master coach Jason Galt does not stayUS Time Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Denim Jones Jones Jones, Stephen Jones, Executive, Stephen Jones, have made decisions and will not retain Jason Galrett (Jason Garrett) ).

“We have been very respectful for them,” Cona said. “They are our front teammates. They are very good people, and they are also a great player. Worried that they will do their best in our team. We hope that they can have a good performance and wish them all well, But this doesn’t help us. Everything has passed. “

After the official end of the partnership, the cowboy will start the coach search. After Bill Pasers (Bill Parcells) retired, the denim interviewed a large number of heads of the head, including Galley, Norv Turner, Mike Singletary, Jim Caldwell, Ron Rivera, Todd Bowles, Todd Bowles, Todd Haley and Tony – Spartrano ( Tony Sparano).

This two-degree selection of the best lineup and the number of the most criticism of the steel person’s history, the number of the number of murderers will be cut off on Saturday by the steel man to attack the offense cuta. March, MARCUS GILBERT. .

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