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Jacksonville America Tiger announced by the assistant coach / offensive front line coach to be the team responsible for attacking. At present, 2 wins and 12-negative Jagules have fired coach, Bradley after 20-21, was fired after Houston Texas.

Cossone told Espn reporters: “Anthony Harris, this year, Anthony Harris, also used privilege labels, I believe the privileged label can be your friend. I don’t think this is a frustrating thing. It gives you this year, as well as the opportunity to have salary. & Hellip; & hellip; if you are better enough, you will also get the contract you should have. Sometimes these things will not happen so fast, but if you work Enough, it will eventually make a contract. Now it is necessary to follow the class, keep patience. At least I am finally smooth, I don’t want to change things. “

General Manager of 49: I want to pick up the outer hand in the 13th time.49 people in San Francisco were originally resigned in this year’s first round. After many transactions, they finally got the 14th and 25th selection. Now they said that the players selected in the 25th shine are their pitches in the 13th position, which is strongly considering to choose.

Mitchell received knee surgery in last month, and Nfl Jerseys then he participated in some physical fitness and physical training during the training camp. He is considered to be able to return to training after weekend. But at present, he still failed to completely restore health.

The 26-year-old Mitchell is selected in the 2016 draft. In the rookie season, he played an excellent, completed 32 cents to get 401 yards 4 times. In the competition of the Super Bowl Reversed Atlanta Falcon, he is one of the key players of the team, completing 6 coumar to get 70 yards.

In this game, the ball shocks on the ball to put a huge pressure on Braddy, and the pirate offensive front line has played a poor game. In addition, the pirate is also fouled in the competition, and it is punished 109 yards. If there is no such performance, perhaps pirates can have a better victory opportunity. But in any case, although Braddy did not have the victory of the victory in this game career, he needs to put the attention on the next game against the Green Bay packaging.

“I think that is two days before the draft, I said to Kyle, do you know? I know people may feel anything, but I really don’t care. In the 13th position, if we can’t trade down, I am complete Will be satisfied with Aijing, “Lin Qi said. “He said, I am very happy that you said this, because I am also the same idea! I think we know that he has really become a player we are very interested. I think the strength, speed, and kick the combination of space capabilities He has an advantage, I feel that you have to trust the people more than ever, (Herm Edwards), which is my little daughter. (I am his son’s godfather). I called Helm, I said, & lsquo; Herm, give me the inside news of this child. & Rsquo; one of him talking is that Brandon is very advanced, and becomes a good team to him It is very important. This convinced me, and persuaded us. “

During the 41-yard line of this side, Braddy tried to bring the ball to the near-end Edge Cameron Brate. After the pass of the pass, Braddy surrounded by “four” gestures, let people think that the pirates have an offensive opportunity. However, this four-speed conversion failed to make the Chicago bear team finally won 20-19. This small episode of the last moment also questioned whether Brradi knows the situation at the time.

After trading down, 49 people think that I can choose Aijik later, I will pick up the University of South Carolina to defensive, Javon Kinlaw. Then they started to the transaction, and finally came to the 25th time to choose Aiji.

Although he was considered to be recovered in the correct direction, he was absent from the training camp to add a long-term knee injury to let him lose their work. And the knee is hurting him to find the next home in a short time.

“The previous holiday is given to the veteran. Now it seems to be a new show arrangement.” Jack Del Rio said, “We are also desperate. & Hellip; & hellip; or press the class to come to & hellip; & hellip;”

Cork Cousins ​​recommends Prescott’s good use labelBefore signing with Viking, Kirk Cousins ​​signed a privileged label contract for two consecutive years. After the Wiki people gave him a $ 84 million full-security contract, and the renewal of $ 66 million in this year.

The patriot cuts Mitchell has already planned for a long time. Before the training camp, there was report that the patriots tried to trade him. But Mitchell’s knee problem allows the patriot to find the next home.

After the two-year Buffalobier coach in 2013 to 2014, Malone was selected by the new boss after picking up by the new boss. He won 15 wins in the two years of Bill, but in 2014, Bill has achieved 9 wins and 7-loss records, which is the first time Bill has achieved more than a winner of the season since 2004.

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