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The boss of the ram is compared to the group of Yuan Shi Gov and the team.After Jared Goff, it became the championship this year, and the praise for him was continuing this week, Stan Kreonke, Stan Kreonke, who was Herk Kutt, Corge, Cologne ( Kurt Warner compares.

“He is the best history, no matter the game. He is a super superstar, the most player in the history of football, but he is like everyone.” Evans said, “he is very hard, and always pays attention to body management. He also loves his family, likes to enjoy the family time. It is really cool, he is also very ordinary people. “

Norman injured in the first week of training camp, but at 9.3 restricted regression training. Unfortunately, Norman was recurred, and then lack three training in succession, and finally determined that it was unable to participate in unveiled battle, and was added to the injury reserve today.

Beijing October 19th, Beijing time, Friday, October 19, 8:20, 8:20, this season, Http://Golfoffseasonsurvivalclub.Com/__Media__/Js/Netsoltrademark.Php?D=Tysensforum.Com%2Fprofile.Php%3Fid%3D461358 the seventh week of the seventh week, kicked off on Thursday night. 1 wins and 5 negative Arizona Redshos were home to the home, and strive to win the first home victory in the season in 2 wins and 4-negative Denver. These two cross-alliance teams are not often encountered, and the two teams have worked 10 times in history, and the rickets only win a win (2010 season); and the two teams have played in the 2014 season, and the wild horses were over 41:20 bird.

The New York Giant of the main coach was replaced last season, and the rebounded playoffs through their strong defensive and sharp passed. Counseling period, the giant introduced the old will take over to Brandama Mark, continuously upgraded weapons for the four-point Wei-Manning upgrade, and the new season will launch an impact to the superblow. Last season team safety, Navanton-Collins made the ball eye bright, and the single season 125 creative team history, but also made him an indispensable part of the giant defensive group. If he still maintains a strong momentum, he believes that the best defensive player this season may have a new name.

Dallas, Dallas, Dallas Dallas, who came out of last season, led the cowboy to regain the national earth champion, and in a stable rock offensive front line and the rookie run Wei Yiqir-Ai Ott’s leader, cowboy’s pavement offense at last season Lead alliance. The excellent performance of another rookie quartz-Dak-Prescott is also vision, and the old Tony Romo can only choose to be retired during the offset period. Although Ai Ott is deeply trapped, it is very probably a subsequent ban, which is undoubted to be a great favorable.

Speed-type near-end Radar Ladarius Green is rehabilitation from ankle surgery, and an ankle injury has been plaguing him in the second half of the season. Green announced the news of surgery when he left San Diego lightning in March.

Regular season, the first week of Sunday, the giant @ 牛仔 prospectOn the first week of the 2017 season, we will welcome the battle of the state-lord partition. Dallas denim will take the home AT & AMP; T Stadium to visit the New York giant. The cowboy in the last season was twisted by the giants, and the giants faced the cowboy. It has gone three consecutive victories, but as the enemy of the same district, the giant faces the history of cowboy but does not occupy the advantage. The 109th time between the two teams, who will laugh in the end?

“This is a difficult part,” Rosrisberg said. “I only know the news I have heard and the performance when I have seen. I am very excited that he can join us, just uncertain when he can participate in the training. We have been communicating behind the scene after training. So I hope that he is ready to train when he is ready.

Cologne recalled that he was a dialogue after the Dick Vermeil, who was a preseason, who was a preseason training in 1998. At that time, Walmeir seeked to Cologne decided who should be the third number of the team. Quarter. At that time, it was relatively unknown Warner by Cologne as a player that was best for this role.

“No one knows Curt, but I watched the training, this is the place with Goff: I told Dick, & lsquo; Ok, I never played the ball, but you want my opinion? That from North Ai? Children in Ova can see clearly. He has a vision, & rsquo; “Cologne said. “This is like a truly excellent control. Some people have such capabilities. Some people don’t. Whether it is an indoor football league or other place to let him have this vision, but he can see a clear game. Jarid also has such an ability. The two have a vision “

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