NFL Players And Cash

One of many questions individuals always ask me about being an NFL player is, “what’s it like making a lot cash at such a young age?”

I have to say that it is very difficult to go from being young and having no money to being younger and a millionaire because you do not know how you can be financially responsible. It is just like profitable the lottery, and as you know from reading about lottery winners, most lottery winners go broke within 10 years after successful the lottery. Well, it isn’t that a lot totally different with professional sports players. The reason for this is most professional athletes, and lottery winners, had been never taught money management skills. Going from being broke at some point to being a millionaire the next day is a huge change in your life, mostly because after you have money, eachbody needs you to offer it to them, and more often than not you do.

I got here from a single family dwelling without a father, which is something many professional NFL players have in common. I am also African American and my family did not have a lot of money, which can be very common amongst NFL players. Because of this, I used to be never taught how to handle money responsibly and plan for my future. I went from being broke at some point to being drafted into the NFL and changing into a millionaire.

A huge problem with being young and having a lot of money is the pressure by just about eachbody together with fellow players to spend some huge cash very quickly. When you find yourself rich, everybody desires your cash, especially your loved ones and friends. My mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. all wished to borrow money from me. And of course I gave it to them. Then, you may have girlfriends and wives who want you to purchase them numerous costly presents like cars, jewelry and clothes because you might be rich they usually need to show off to their friends. You also have charities, investors, and businesspeople all asking to your money–and you end up giving it to them.

However probably the worst of all is the other players because when it comes to cash it is the blind leading the blind. All of us spend our money as if it will by no means run out because we’re uneducated in monetary responsibility. For instance, so that you can be cool and respected by the opposite players, it’s a must to keep up with them. So, if one player buys a new SUV, you need to buy one too. I mean, you may’t be an NFL player and drive a traditional automobile like a Honda Civic. It’s important to drive an costly Hummer, Cadillac Escapade, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.

You also must have a huge costly house. All the opposite players do and if you just live in a mean house, they look down at you. So, we lay our a fortune buying large houses for ourselves and for our mother and father that we don’t need. And of course there may be the jewelry. We spend so much cash on jewelry it is insane. It’s nothing for a player to spend $100,000 a year or more buying jewelry, and that’s just for us. That doesn’t include all the jewelry we buy for our household, wives, and girlfriends. It’s all extraordinarily irresponsible. But, when you’ve gotten so many people placing pressure on you every single day to purchase things and keep up with the opposite NFL players, it turns into a lot easier to say yes than to say no, at the same time as you might be watching all your money disappear.

One other problem is as a rich NFL player, you are anticipated to flip the bill for everything. Whenever you go out to restaurant, you’re the person who pays for everybody. And, when you go out with different players or your buddies, it is always to a elaborate club the place we go to the VIP section and spend thousands of dollars on fancy champagne and drinks–for everybody. I have known players who have spent over $25,000 in one night time at a club. After which they go and do it again and again so they can be the “big man.”

One other problem NFL players have is ladies who’re after us for our cash and our status. And many of these women are gold diggers. If we weren’t rich athletes these lovely women would probably not look twice at us. But now that we are rich and well known, ladies chase us constantly. This nearly always leads to us marrying a woman we should not marry after which getting divorced after a few years and losing a large share of our money in the divorce. I made this mistake myself and it value me dearly and still costs me.

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