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In the past two weeks, the raid in the past two weeks lost the game, and hurt the heart of the fans. This week, the scene challenges lightning, and the raid people won the Pisa. Assiren 4 points Drek Carl (DEREK Carr) today, 3626, passing 291 yards, 1 pass to the ball reachable, 1 sho Lightning veteran Swan Weifeilip-Rivers, there is no arrogance today, but there is no reach, and the 39-pass 27 will take 279 yards. Today, the ground offensive is extremely bad, just advance 19 yards.

Cowboy 4 points Dak Prescott Due to the shoulders, today is flat, 44 pass 25 25 yards. The cowboy team promotes only 311 yards, and Ezekiel Elliott is only contributed 47 yards. With the loss of this, the fate of cowboy is not mastered in his own hands. That problem is coming, when is the master coach Jason Garrett? ? ?

Two early playback teams have met this week, and the wild horses won in the leadership of Drew Lock. Rocke as a wild horse started quarter-off, the record was 3 wins and 1 loss, he looked at the four-point guardian of the future of the wild horse. Although the lion’s anti-parallelism is well known, the Locke is 33 passes in 25, and the 192 yards and one pass is reached, and there is no drop, no to kill, no copy. The second grade of the wild horses, the Phillip Lindsay, 19th, the squad, pushed 109 yards, and won 1 shocked ball.

The second quarter begins with a half, first attack, the squadron passed the ball from Central – Palmer to the Run David – Johnson, was hugged by the Mmier Way Wei Manuel-Lamur, fortunately The offensive cut-off ablation is not a ball switch. Subsequently, Par silently could find the close-end Wind Dolong-Füls, and the latter won the ramp. In the second quarter of the second quarter, the left side of the Tiger quartz Wei Dolu Du Du Du Dolu, the latter rushed 41 yards to advance the ball into the red row. With the running 卫 杰 米 米 希 2 2 The code is successful, and the tiger is 14-7 in half.

Wayne: To beat Manning, do not miss ManningOutside the Indianapolis Colts took over Reggie – Wayne (Reggie Wayne) said this week that he remembered before the game for Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) is not interested, he wanted to do, only to beat the opponent. Wayne Manning and the Colts had previously worked for 11 years, talked about old friends, new opponents, Wayne said: “Now I can talk to you and Andrew – Clark (Andrew Luck), Manning is now the other teams player, and he is our opponent this week. after we have a chance to talk about him, but now, I just want to beat him. “

One degree is the Philadelphia Eagle starting running guards in McCay in Buffalo, adding to the coach group. He still played excellent in Bill, but was cut off before the beginning of last year. Soon he joined the Chief of Kansas City, but eventually lost the first position due to injuries. Today, McCaki has a full-end period considering its future home. He is listening to the offer, but it is not anxious to sign.

It is reported that the hidden camera in Will is taken cheap Jerseys From china some of the rickets, and has now handed over to the police. In July 2015, the Chicago Bear and the Errrian Berrian Bernard Berrian were taken with a hidden camera, and the intruder was his own university room friend.

Wayne said that during his injury, Manning gave him a lot of help, and always concerned about his situation. For the old teammate, Wayne has been very grateful: “I am really grateful to him, Payton is a very good person, as a teammate, as a friend is so even though he has been unable to pass for me, though. this is nothing, he is still great, our relationship, as always. “

In the second half, the rickets were taken back from the tiger hand, followed by a wonderful reachable array. Parmimal is long, and the jj-Nielsen picks up the ball for the rock to add 6 points. With the shooting of Kang Tzalo, the two sides 14-14 returned to the same running line. After the four-speed attack of the tiger, the next round of the printed offensive group was completely crushed with the Tiger Defense Group. 7 times of attacking speed balance, the tiger did not have substantial trouble to the red ramp. In the end, Parmer passed the left, and the young outer joined John – Brown endpad received a 18-yard pass to the ball. Rock 21-14 leads. Attack and defense, the tiger offensive group still didn’t get it, Dalton was almost killed within the end of his own side, and the four gears were not only able to discard kick. The patron offensive group is more and more brave, eventually by the rookie running guard David – Johnson’s pass Palm Colorant in the end area and then next City. In the third quarter, Arizona’s red squash hit a 21-200.

The eagle quad-saving kakerson-Wenz Wentz played in the upper, 40-pass 31, passed the ball 319 yards, 1 passed to the ball. In addition to Wenz, the old eagle will have excellent play, Dallas Goedert 9 times 91 yards, 1 time to catch the ball to Dai; Miles Sanders 20 times of mushrooms pushed 91 yards, and 1 sho was reached. This victory has made Wenz into the playoffs, before the injury, he has not played in the playoffs.

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